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EPC's from internal testing are at $10.77!

This is definitely a winner you need to schedule into your calendar. Those numbers are based on commissions paid to the affiliate (you) and the clicks came from a very old list of non buyers.

With this launch you can make a ton of money while simultaneously adding extreme value to your list by giving away 12 months free access to our $47 per month squeeze page builder with an inbuilt autoresponder during pre launch (more on that shortly).

*Can I get paid instantly?

We are using FusionPay (FusionHQ's adaptive pay option) to process orders. This ensures you are paid automatically - and on time.

If you qualify, you are eligble for instant pay and get paid instantly.

If you don't qualify to get paid instantly, but accept the terms and conditions of adaptive pay then commissions are sent instantly 31 days after the sale has been made (this is to clear the refund period). Commissions are handled by PayPal and are not manually processed, so you have no concerns over getting paid (it is automatic). 

If you don't agree to the terms and conditions or are not approved that is fine too, you will receive your commissions to your PayPal account manually after the refund peiod is over.

If you are not already an affiliate then please register below. If you are, then sign in below to get access to the Affiliate tools (more being added all the time).

It's simple, you can earn up to $700 per lead. You will earn $500 on the front end and there are also a couple of upsells where you will earn $100 per upsell. 

During pre launch we're doing something really unique. We'll be creating a limited time 100% off coupon code to give 12 months free access to our slick new squeeze page builder that also has an inbuilt autoresponder. The 100% off coupon code will also double as an affiliate link - it's a GREAT way to add real value to your list. 

Similar services charge $47-67 per month for this - for a limited time only, your list can get it at 100% off for 12 months ($564 of real value). Your list will love you for it!

Build high converting squeeze pages like this in a few clicks
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And that's just what we're giving away for prelaunch! They will then have the option to upgrade to the full FusionHQ account...

FusionHQ is an all in one drag and drop marketing platform for non techies. You can build and manage your entire online business from one centralized location.

The new FusionHQ 2.0 has had a complete revamp and now looks totally different. 

Here's what FusionHQ can do

Drag and Drop Sales Funnels

Content Sites (with SEO)

Drip Feed Membership Sites

Inbuilt Affiliate System

Hybrid Autoresponder

Cloud Hosting (or use your own)

1 Click Split Testing

Install a business in a box

Behind The Scene Screenshots Of The New FusionHQ design:


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